What is it?

Alicante has a vibrant nightlife. Like Jekyll and Hyde Alicante gets completly wild on the weekends. Bachellor parties, students, locals and international visitors, gather all together at night  turning Alicante, the nice and peaceful city, into a madhouse.

We have selected the best local and international bars and clubs for you to get to know how we party! You will get a free mojito at the first bar, welcome shots and discounts in all bars, and VIP entry at the club, no queues to be waited. Depending on the day you are joining, there could be some extra things included!


Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays

We have chosen the best pubs and clubs. Depending on the day, we will be visiting some bars or others, for you to get the best of each day. Would you like to join two days in a row? Do so! We will be visiting different bars, and you will get a discount on the second night!

10:30!! Warm up

Beer pong and drinking games!

Before we start crawling, is best to know each other! That´s way we include a warm up with unlimitted beer at Hostel Olé from 10:30pm. Drinking games will be played, beer and shots will be had and after an hour we will be ready to rock it!

12:00AM!!! First Stop

Running late?
Join us at the 1st bar

Midnight may sound lat to go out, but this i show we do it in Spain. We have all night ahead!! If you are unable to join us at Hostel Olé, you can also join at the first bar Parabarap in calle….

Hostel Olé

(+34) 636 26 26 97

In our Hostel Olé we have a wide range of services to offer to you and we can share you our top tips on the city such as activities, tours, the best places of this country, beers, appetizers and tapas.
Ah! Our best feature…We are in the heart of Alicante, walking distance to Postiguet Beach and the Esplanade of Spain, very close to the Barrio Antiguo and Calle Castaños ( the heart of nightlife) and just 1 minute from the C6 bus from Alicante’s Airport.

From 10:30 pm

  • Unlimited Beer

  • Beer Pong

X Hostel

(+34) 654 22 03 17

The hostel is located in the heart of the city and dynamic capital of Costa Blanca. Alicante has year round warm weather, beautiful sandy beaches, and an amazing and unmistakably Spanish nightlife that is sure to surprise. Join us for one of our weekly pub crawls which takes you on an unforgettable night through the narrow streets of El Barrio, the historic center. Whether you are looking to party, relax, recharge, or meet other travelers, X Hostel Alicante is your destination of choice.

From 10:00 pm

  • Free Beer at the terrace

  • Pre-games & drinks